Why a Matrix?

What are the reasons for choosing a Matrix or other Microstation over a traditional septic tank ?

  • Put simply, they are the better!
  • Traditional systems involve a tank and some sort of soakaway or leach field. These can take up a lot of space and over time the soakaway itself becomes ineffective. Effluent quality is variable.
  • The Matrix treatment system is a modern three stage biological process contained within a single tank structure, based on the principles of a submerged bed reactor. Think of it as rather like a mini version of the main sewage works! It is designed in accordance with the requirements of the European standard EN12566-3.
    • The tank is simply connected to the outflow from the house, and then the treated effluent can be disposed of to any existing water course or simple soakaway.
    • The grey water leaving the tank is of a purer quality than that of a traditional septic tank, making it more hygienic and less likely have an odour.
  • There are no electrical or mechanical components within the treatment plant thereby eliminating the need for any specialist servicing arrangements. This ensures that any maintenance requirements on the Matrix system are kept to an absolute minimum.
    • It is a single tank making installation with a flat bottom and top making installation quick and easy. Once installed there is little visual impact with the flat cover that finishes flush with ground level.
    • The flat cover is safe for pedestrian and light machinery loads.
    •  Microstation
    • If specified at the time of order, it is also possible for the Matrix treatment system to be installed in highly trafficked areas with little additional cost.
    • There is a failure alarm system at no additional extra cost.
    • The Matrix Microstation can be installed in one day, cutting disruption and moreover the cost of installation.

What makes the Matrix different ?

  • The Matrix sewage treatment system is designed to achieve the minimum required effluent quality standard
    • 20mg/litre Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
    • 30mg/litre Suspended Solids (SS)
    • 20mg/litre Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N$), which in European Standard performance testing relates to an efficiency of better than 94%
    • The certified performance of the Matrix Microstation is that it produces an average final effluent quality of 11mg/litre Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD): 16mg/litre Suspended Solids (SS) and 7mg/litre Ammoniacal Nitrogen. This gives an average efficiency ratio of 96.2%

  • As part of the test procedure the Matrix Microstation was proven to have one of the lowest operating costs and received an A1 structural certificate.
  • All Matrix Microstations are complete with failure alarms as standard (as required by EN12566-3) and are not, as with some other treatment plants an optional additional cost.

And we also supply the Tricel Sewage Treatment Plant

The Tricel - manufactured by Tricel Environmental Solutions  (a division of KMG) is approved  to  EN12566-3

We will always advise clients of the best system for their circumstances - call us for a discussion !