Whatever brand of sewage treatment plan you choose, we  recommend that an installation is fully planned before purchasing  taking the following questions and issues into account :

  • Where in relation to the building should the tank be placed? (minimum distance of 7 metres from any habitable building).
  • Can the system drain with gravity? (if not possible please consult with us on efficient pump systems).
  • Is there heavy traffic over the top of the tank - only the Matrix can be adapted for this
  • How many people does the tank have to cater for?
  • And most importantly for France, have you obtained the approval from the local SPANC for the installation? We can assist with this process.
  • Please note that whilst we can offer advice in respect of installation, it is the responsibility of the purchaser and their installation contractor to ensure that the installation method and procedure is in accordance with prevailing ground conditions and all regulatory requirements.

The Matrix Microstation sewage treatment plants have flat bottoms making it easier and quicker to install than other cylindrical microstations. The tank is simply installed onto a concrete base and then backfilled with a lean concrete mix, whilst ballasting the tank at the same time. For full installation instructions for the Matrix please refer to the Operations & Maintenance manual.

Alternatively, plants such as the WPL Diamond can the Tricel P6 be backfilled with gravel - in some self build projects this may be a preferable method. 

Most of our tanks will require both inflow and outflow pipes on separate side of the tank  and most require a third entry to accommodate the air supply hose.

The Connections on a Matrix


In the case of WPL Diamond and the Matrix, an allowance also needs to made for the unit that accommodates the air pump. This can be adjacent to the tank or up to 10 metres away if preferred.