Operation & Maintenance

We've listed below a few helpful pointers so that you can get the best out of your sewage treatment system.

The points below are not exhaustive and apply to any biological treatment plant. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, please contact us for further assistance.


  • Think before you put anything down the sink, toilet or drains,
  • Use cleaners and disinfectants in minimum quantities,
  • Use toilet cleaners specifically for use with a Fosse (these can be found in most French supermarkets),
  • Use liquids not washing powders as liquids dissolve more readily
  • Ensure you follow recommended maintenance procedures,
  • Ensure the drainage system is adequately ventilated, (see installation section),
  • Arrange to have the unit properly desludged at the required intervals by professionals and in accordance with the SPANC regulations. All of the systems that we sell have different desludging intervals - these also vary with use - so please consult the detailed user guides.

Do not:

  • Turn the electricity supply or blower unit off,
  • Allow surface water/rainwater to enter the system,
  • Discharge high strength sterilants, garden chemicals, paint, engine oil, chip pan oil or photographic chemicals down the drain,
  • Tamper, repair or modify the sewage treatment plant in anyway - this will invalidate warranty and if it has a detrimental result on the effluent quality you could find yourself held liable for pollution by the authorities.
  • Put sanitary items, nappies, disposable wipes or anything similar down the drain,
  • Empty unused medicines down the toilet.

You can download the MATRIX Operation & Maintenance manual by clicking this text here

For the WPL Range, please visit their own website by clicking this text. Please note that you will be taken away from this website.